Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Annual Pilgrimage, Part II

Once we had seen the knitting, we moved on to peruse the other highlights and to sample the fair delicacies. I had intended to photographically document our multi-course grazing of fried and grilled food, but lost my stamina mid-way through.

One of our first stops was to see the butter cow.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Butter Cow 01
When I was at my parent's house a few weeks ago I saw a segment on one of the Des Moines news channels covering the annual sculpting of the butter cow. And to my dismay, I learned that the butter cow is only half a butter cow and is not solid butter. Had I thought about it more deeply in the past, I guess I would have understood that, but I hadn't. And this bit of information left me disheartened. While other states and fairs have butter sculpture, the Iowa State Fair was the first to have a butter cow dating back to 1911. Apparently, there is a movie coming out next year about the cut throat world of butter sculpting called Butter starring Jennifer Garner due to be released next year. I hope it's a dark comedy akin to Drop Dead Gorgeous.

I think one of the most interesting buildings at the Iowa State Fair is the Animal Learning Center where you can see baby animals being born: cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc.

This poor mama ewe was ready to burst.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Poor Mama

These two were cute.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Baby Lamb

And sometimes don't we all feel like the black sheep of the family.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Black Sheep

This little chick had only been around a little while.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Just Hatched 01
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Just Hatched 03

But from the very small, we went to the very large. A really really big bull.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Biggest Bull
I swear he was staring right at me pleading for help. We also took a look at the ginormous boar, but he was taking what appeared to be a miserable nap so no decent pictures.

Of course fried food on a stick was consumed. I felt Rykert was being insensitive to consume his lamb kabob right outside of the Sheep Barn.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Rykert eating lamb kabob outside of sheep barn

And I got Nurse Rykert a new hat.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Rykert's new nurse hat
I think he should wear it to work and see if anyone notices.

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