Monday, August 16, 2010

Annual Pilgrimage, Part I: The Knitting

On Saturday, we made our annual pilgrimage to the land of food-on-a-stick, butter sculpture, odd shaped veggies, livestock, and people watching. Yes, it's Iowa State Fair time. It was hot, but not close to the heat and humidity we had earlier last week, and it was crowded.

One of our primary reasons for attending was to peruse the "Fabric & Threads" display. I submitted four projects this year, and was awarded ribbons on two.

My Weiner Dog Sweater received a 4th place ribbon.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Knitting - Weiner Dog Sweater

And my Ballerina Monkey also received a 4th place ribbon and was awarded one of the "Randall Parkin Knitting Awards."
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Knitting - Knit Monkey
I don't know exactly what the Randall Parkin Knitting Award is, but I do know that the fair awards a number of privately named awards for various reasons. I'm guessing that this individual (or someone on behalf of this individual) has endowed such an award. Hopefully I will get more information when my entries are retrieved after the fair.

My Alligator Scarf and Bunny Sweater didn't receive any ribbons. Last year was my first year entering and I received an Honorable Mention ribbon. This year I received two 4th places, so I guess that is progress. Looking at the other children's cardigans and the other toys, I think the judges probably did a really good job of placing the items in those categories. But...

I still don't understand the judging. When I objectively look at categories that I didn't enter, I don't always think the judges get it right. So I'm still baffled as to what precisely they are looking for to distinguish a blue ribbon from a red and so on. Hopefully I'll remember to think ahead enough to enter again next year. If you are interested in seeing more pictures of the displays from the fair, please check out this Flickr set.

The knitting display at the Fair is situated with the other fabric and thread categories: crochet, weaving, tatting, cross stitch, sewing, quilting, etc. I don't know very much about these other categories, but I have to say that the quilts are quite impressive.

For example, this postage stamp quilt (I think that's the correct term for quilts that use tiny little scraps of fabric) that creates this photograph mosaic.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Quilts - Photograph Quilt

They have an entire room dedicated to the blue ribbon quilts.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Quilts - Blue Ribbon Quilts
The one on the far left in the picture also won the "Best First Quilt" award. This quilt is HUUUUUGE, so I was so impressed that this was someone's first project.

And I also discovered they have a category for doll clothes.
Iowa State Fair 2010 - Doll Clothes Competition
I'll have to remember that next year in case I'm still sewing doll clothes.

Tomorrow, the rest.

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Abby said...

Congrats on your ribbons! Well done - your sweater and monkey are so darling! I love your State Fair recaps. I get to live vicariously through you all without the crowds, heat, and GI distress.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Congratulations on the ribbons! That sweater cracks me up. I love it!

~RaenWa~ said...

Congrats on placing at the Fair. Your sweater & monkey were great. I would love to be good enough at knitting something gorgeous enough to enter into a Fair

Crafty Girl said...

I love your projects. I stopped entering at the fair a couple of years ago after I entered stuff into a crochet category that had only a 3rd place ribbon awarded, no others. No blue or anything. When I asked why that was, they said nothing in the category was "blue ribbon worthy". I found this to be very insulting. So, I'm out.

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