Friday, August 13, 2010

Amateurish Photography, Part 5

Is anyone out there? Have I bored you all to death? Are you wondering when I will stop waxing on and on and on about something I know so very little about?

I have a couple of other tools that I use once in a while. With this, you will have seen all the photography equipment I own. I try to remain a minimalist.

Remote Control. (Side note: Does anyone else remember that show?)

Camera Remote

For my film camera, I have a shutter release. It's a short cable that allows you to release the shutter without touching (or shaking) the camera. It's imperative when you're using a tripod for long exposures (like in really really low light). So, not something that I would use that often.

But I am a big fan of taking pictures using the auto timer mode on my camera. I think the resulting photos are often hysterically funny as the camera operator rushes into place. And the composition, off-center with heads cut off, only adds to the interest. But then one day I discovered the remote. It's a fairly inexpensive (about $15) tool that not only allows you take release the shutter for long exposures

A table-top tripod.

Mini tripod

Like I said, I love a good self-timer shot. The problem is, they often turn out like this.

Eat at Eds - off kilter take 2

Or this.


The table-top tripod would help in these situations. I'm also intrigued by the bottle top tripod. Though I'm not sure if it would work with my camera.

I don't use either of these little accessories on a daily basis, but they were fairly inexpensive and have their purpose. The remote has gotten some play on vacations when I actually want to be in the picture or if I'm trying to model a finished knit while wearing it.

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Webbies said...

I have a Joby gorilla pod and it works well! It is fun to see what I can "attach" it too to get a good pic (like my railing at our house)

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