Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amateurish Photography, Part 3

Over a year ago, I vowed to improve the photography on this blog. I started my quest by building a light box to use for photographing knitting and the like. And well, it was a surprising success. After experimenting with a couple of options, I've found the lowest tech and cheapest to be the one I rely on for the majority of the "still life" pictures on this blog. You can see how I put it together here. Hint: It's a shelf. And you've seen the results of this little set-up across the blog in the last year. Basically, anytime you see the white background, it was taken on this shelf.

Shelf Lighting Setup
It has it's limitations. Namely, it can only handle small objects. I won't be photographing a sweater on that shelf. But for the majority of my knitting and crafting photography, it's perfect. And I keep it set up all the time, which makes it uber-convenient.

Perfect for felt food.
Donut Box 05

Perfect for baby hats.
Pink Stripes Heart Hat 02

My lightbox shelf is all about trying to produce natural-ish light and thus removing the need for a flash. You can get similarly well-lit, crisp pictures if you use natural light on a deck or porch or under a tree or on an overcast day. Unfortunately, I'm often forced to take blog-worthy pictures late in the evening, and so I went about creating this fairly simple solution.

But to reiterate, the one thing I've learned (often the hard way) is that the pop-up flash on my camera (like most consumer cameras) sucks and creates washed out pictures. I recently stumbled upon another solution, so tune in tomorrow.

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