Monday, August 09, 2010

Amateurish Photography, Part 1

I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to taking pictures. While I know how to do a few things, my skills are pretty limited. I took photography in high school and honed my skills when I worked on the yearbook for a couple of years in the thankless, and unofficial, role of editor and jack of all trades. In college I wanted to take photography classes, but I wasn't an art major. Because of the class selection process, I wasn't able to take the classes until my senior year. And they were great classes.

When I first started blogging I had 35mm film Nikon SLR and an early model point-and-shoot digital camera.

I still have the 35 mm camera. I got it for my 18th birthday. It went to college with me. I still love this camera.

Nikon 6006

I knew I could take better pictures with my film camera, but that would require having the pictures developed, having a CD made (or scanning myself), and then uploading from there. So I opted for the easy route and used the digital camera. As a result, the pictures on the blog in the first few years were, for the most part, horrible. A couple of years ago, I was generously gifted a Nikon digital SLR.

It's a D40, which at the time was Nikon's entry level digital SLR, but honestly it does everything that I could ask it to and it is much lighter than a lot of comparable cameras. I have lately been considering buying a small point-and-shoot digital camera (which have improved dramatically in quality over the past few years) to carry in my purse. But ultimately I have, to this point, decided not to.

I'm not a professional photographer. Not even close. But in the process of trying to improve the images that appear on this blog, I've learned a few things. So, this week, I will present a little series showing you the tips I've acquired - however amateur they may be. I think it's important to note that I don't think it's necessary to own a really high end camera or even an SLR. Perusing blogs that have wonderful photographs, it's clear that it's about the light, the subject, the composition, and not the camera.

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Debbie said...

I'm looking forward to it! I need to work on my skills, too.

amy said...

I'd love to see your tips on getting great knitting photos.

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