Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knitting. Finally.

I feel like I've been working on lots of projects. But I've had very little to show for it. So today I have something to show, but the pictures are sub-par. It's an alligator scarf.

Alligator Scarf 02

I started with the pattern "What a Croc!" Using guidance from this incredible version, I started by knitting the pattern from darker green Patons classic wool. The pattern is written in reverse stockinette, which means it rolls terribly. To combat the rolling, I knit an identical scarf in 2 row stripes mimicking the shaping, but not the scales. When both were complete, I then attached them using an attached i-cord around the border.

Alligator Scarf 01

Ultimately, I'm happy with the result, but... If I was going to knit this again, I would (a) add a few more repeats of scales to make it longer and (b) I'd be more careful knitting the border and not knit it quite as tight. As it stands it's a child's sized scarf and the border pulls a bit on the actual scarf which doesn't help with the length. There are a few more issues that I see with it, so it's far from perfection. But ultimately, it was a fun project which was the point.

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