Thursday, July 15, 2010

I got a ticket.

We were having a week of tickets. One member of our family, who is not me, got a traffic camera ticket driving through a nearby town. And I can say that it is utterly spooky when a piece of paper with photographs of you in your car arrive in the mail with your citation. Big Brother is certainly watching. WWOT? (What Would Orwell Think?)

Then I was sick, again, and feared that I might have strep throat, again. So I left work early and went to the "doctor" (aka the quick care walk-in clinic). Because I was too lazy to pull into the parking ramp, I parked at a meter with a 30 minute limit knowing that I would most certainly be more than 30 minutes. Basically, the cost of the ticket was worth my laziness. I am irrational when I'm not feeling well. Irrational because I would have had my ramp ticket validated. Irrational because the meter really wasn't any closer than pulling into the ramp.

They told me I didn't have strep, but apparently I get a more "rare" kind of strep that the rapid test doesn't detect. So they called me back 5 days later to tell me that it was, in fact, strep.

Anyway when I came out, I was unsurprised when I found a ticket. I pulled it off the windshield and didn't even look at it until I got home.

My parking ticket

How fortunate? I can afford that.

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Emily said...

I've received the same thing from downtown Iowa City. Maybe you should go to the East side Quick Care. Free parking.

L said...

Due to the fact that they were so terribly rude to me when calling to tell me about my misdiagnosis, I may never go back to that QuickCare. Ever.

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