Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doll parts.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to sew something. This was my main impetus for attempting to clean out the craft clutter. I had to clear a path to the sewing machine and then unearth it from the pile of miscellaneous stuff that had accumulated. It took longer than I thought it would.

Last Christmas I really wanted to sew my nieces a wardrobe for their American Girl dolls. Of course, life got the better of me and it didn't happen. I managed to knit a couple of sweaters, but no sewing was completed. But I still had in my mind all of these funky costumes and clothes to sew.

When the sewing machine was finally revealed and the room cleaned, I decided to give it a try. The thing is that all of those tiny seams take some getting used to. So before I traveled into uncharted (for me) territory, I decided I would use somebody else's patterns and give it a go. Luckily, two of the big box craft/fabric stores were having 99 cent specials on patterns. I picked up a few. This isn't all of them. Not even close.


My first rather screwy attempt was to make a reversible dress using fabric scraps and fat quarters. I have a long way to go to even up my stitching on the finishing. I feel like I need a serger. But that would just be one more thing that I don't know how to use properly. The next attempts (whereby I actually read the pattern instructions) were measurably more successful (probably because I read the instructions). And because I can't resist things in miniature, I picked up a dress form specifically for this purpose.

American Girl Doll Dress Form

Here's a sampling of the work completed so far (there are actually 2 or more of each of these):

A very basic jumper.
Doll Cupcake Jumper

Peasant-y style top and jeans.
Doll Top and Jeans
The peasant-esque style top is actually not as stiff as it appears on the dress form. It looks more natural on an actual doll. I think I'm going to take a seam ripper and sand paper to the jeans to distress them a bit. The fabric was leftover from the Schoolhouse Tunic I made at the class I took last spring.

Same style of top and back-to-school skirt.
Back to School Doll Skirt
I love the fabric on this skirt. The skirt is a really really simple elastic waist skirt, and I made 2 of them from a fat quarter.

And my most ambitious project so far...
Doll Poodle Skirt
I should note that the shirt was ambitious. The skirt was very very simple.

I have more planned and will keep sewing doll clothes until I run out of steam on the project. I'm going to save them for Christmas, and hope that they are still playing with their dolls then. I'd like to find shoes to go with some of the costumes and ensembles I have planned. I found a wholesaler, but I'm just trying to decide if I can justify the minimum order.

I apologize if you are bored by the parade of doll clothes that may be forthcoming.

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Crafty Girl said...

Michaels has a bunch of their doll shoes on sale right now, some cute ones.

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