Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What a weekend.

It was a very relaxing weekend around here. The weather was fabulous. And while we didn't do anything that special, it was a nice pace with very little tv (despite Law & Order marathons) and very little computer time. A recap...

I left work an hour or so early to get a head start. We cooked dinner (chicken stir fry lettuce wraps). And then we took Nola for a long walk to the Dairy Queen. It's about 2 miles each way ( I checked Google maps), which is a long ways for me since I'm seriously out of shape. However, there is no better motivation for exercise then the promise of ice cream. Getting home was another story. Did I mention that it's inexplicably uphill both ways?

We got up early. Well, early for a Saturday. And we went to the ski lake which is about an hour away. Sadly, I forgot my camera. Rykert skied. I read (under the protection of about a bottle of SPF 30). Nola fetched. We came home, ran a couple errands, ate BBQ for lunch, and then collapsed. And watched a few episodes of Party Down (I love that show.)

We drove to the Amana Colonies, which were originally founded by a group of Germans who founded the communal colonies to escape persecution. Today the Amanas are a tourist trap with shops and restaurants. The restaurants are kind of a sore subject in our household after one legendarily bad meal a few years ago during Octoberfest. Anyway, over Memorial Day weekend, the Amana campgrounds host a CajunFest. Strange, huh? But we've gone before with low expectations and been quite surprised. Mostly we go for the food, but they also have Zydeco bands, carnival rides, Zydeco dance lessons, and kids activities. It's a small festival, but again, we go for the food.

Specifically, for Rykert, it's about the crawfish.
CajunFest Crawfish
The festival organizers drive up a couple thousand pounds of live crawfish and boil them on-site. And according to Rykert, they are every bit as good as what we could get in Louisiana (for 3 times the price). I think we bought 3 of these trays total.
CajunFest Rykert and Crawfish 02

Even the youngest members of our party got in on the action. Of course, we warned them that with Rykert's attack policy on crawfish whereby he eats them as fast as he possible can, they needed to make decisive moves into the tray to avoid losing a digit.
CajunFest Grace and Crawfish 01

CajunFest Anna and Crawfish 03

We then put them on the Scrambler and hoped that their fried alligator and crawfish wouldn't make a reappearance.
Scrambler 03

We capped off Sunday with a loooong bike ride to the grocery store. Cooking (Greek Salad and The Pioneer Woman's salsa) and grilling.

It didn't feel like Monday. We spent the day lounging about. Checking the garden. Eating lunch. And then going to the pool. And then I cooked dinner while Rykert napped (this occurrence only took place because he had to go to work at 7 p.m. for 12 hours). A spinach marinara sauce over spinach noodles and strawberries and mini angel food cakes. I then collapsed in bed and read for a few hours before falling asleep with my contacts still in, the lights still on, and the dog's whereabouts unknown (but she's a good dog and took it upon herself to come up to bed on her own a few hours later.)

Unfortunately, not a stitch was knit. I'm on a bit of reading binge and I have a painting project that needs to be completed. So that'll put a halt in knitting activities for a bit. But soon. I have a couple of projects to finish, and more ideas than time.

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Debbie said...

Sounds like pretty much a perfect weekend to me!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a weekend in IC. My heart is aching because I miss it so much this time of year!

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