Wednesday, June 09, 2010


When the snow melted this spring, it became clear that our mailbox had taken a hit this winter. with every opening of the mailbox door, I became increasingly fearful that it was going to simply fall to pieces. A strong east wind would have taken it over completely. So we replaced it and pulled out the ugly plants that surrounded it. It was actually an easier project than we thought it would be, and it's so boring that it's an utterly un-blog-worthy project. However...

Pepper Seedlings

When our seedlings had outgrown their original plastic celltrays, I transplanted the strongest seedlings into keg cups. I transplanted everything we had room for under our grow lights which is still way more than we have room for in the garden. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough room for all of the surviving seedlings. I let the remainder dry out and die on the front porch until we got the energy to recycle the trays and dump the soil starter. Rykert dumped the extra soil in the plastic seedling pots into the area around our new mailbox.

Fast forward to this weekend as I was checking the mail, pulling some weeds and checking on our sparce new day lilies. What did I find? A volunteer tomato thriving right along the street.

Mailbox Volunteer 01

Look closer (it was a very windy day).

Mailbox Volunteer 02

If this blog had smell-o-vision, I could prove to you that it is undeniably a tomato plant. I've decided to let it grow and see what happens. It may have to be tethered to the mailbox (won't that look ridiculous), and/ or trimmed to allow the mailperson to deliver our mail. I don't think it's likely to survive to bear fruit due to the deer who call our neighborhood home.

Deer in my neighbor's garden 01
I took this picture basically standing next to said mailbox.

On another note, did anyone else see Glee last night? Loved it.

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Knittripps said...

We have deer in our neighborhood as well. It seems our deer prefer heirloom tomatoes.

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