Friday, June 18, 2010

Like a hole in the head.

I don't need another hobby. As it stands, I have notebooks full of ideas, a queue of knitting projects a mile long, and a full time job. But...

Last Sunday we left my parent's house, and stopped very briefly at the Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival. We were there for maybe 20 minutes. And it was raining. Rykert walked the dog while I perused the market. Last year I was very tempted to purchase a Knitter's Loom. And I was tempted again this year, but it seemed like too big of an investment for a spur of the moment purchase. So instead, I settled for a small 6" loom.

Hazel Rose Loom

The loom is produced by Hazel Rose Looms out of California. And is very similar to the Weavette (I can't find a decent link, but just Google if you are curious). They make them in a variety of wood, but mine is Oak. I think I could probably make one of these with the help of my dad.

I decided that it would be the perfect use for the very pretty variegated yarn I purchased at Iowa City's What a Load of Craft last Christmas. I hate knitting with variegated yarn because of the pooling, but I forget this and am always lured in by pretty colors.

It took me a couple of tries to wrap the warp. And frankly the loom came with an awful little instruction book that is poorly put together and offers limited instruction. But through the wonder of YouTube, I figured it out and was weaving in no time. In the time it took to watch Steel Magnolias, I had finished the weaving.

Weaving Finished 02

I was a little nervous to pop it off, but it stayed intact.

Finished Woven Square

So, what will I do with little squares? I don't know. I guess I could sew them together to make a placemat? Or blanket? It's a fun diversion, and there will be more squares in my future. And, I still want the Knitter's Loom.

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amy said...

this really looks great! i'm not sure what you'd use it for either but it looks perfect.

Do you have to actually do the under/over thing like the pot holder loom?


Meagan said...

many many potholders

L said...

@ Amy - yes. You create a warp by wrapping the loom, and then use a very long needle to go over/under across until you get to the top.

I found a couple of ideas on Ravelry. And I'm pricing the real looms now. Like I need a new hobby...

Jennifer said...

I received one of these small looms as a gift. I haven't used mine yet, but my friend told me about many patterns for baby blankets, sweaters, etc. I thought it looked very cute. Maybe we can both find some patterns and get going.

I love your first project. It turned out beautifully.

Knittripps said...


I think I want to weave. I think I want to sew. Then I think about how I wanted to spin and my neglected wheel. I need to spend more time with my wheel first.

Sarah said...

Oh gosh, I don't need to see this. I almost bought a similar loom recently. I am trying so hard not to succumb to weaving.

But just look how cute that square is!

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