Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I noticed today that I have currently written and/or posted 777 posts on this blog in the past 6 years (my blog-iversary is next week). Of course you haven't seen 777 posts, because often I get an idea and start writing, and then leave it in draft mode. I don't always revisit the drafts, because often the idea just passes.

We had another nice, though rainy, summer weekend that started with a fire pit and marshmallows.

Bridget in fire
No, my sister is not really on fire here.

My knitting has slowed, again, but I'm hoping to pick it back up soon. Probably not tonight, though. I'm exhausted today. Work's been busier than ever, and then last night I started watching Sense & Sensibility at 10 (when I usually head to bed), and was completely sucked in through the end which was way past my bedtime. But I love that movie. And Hugh Grant. This is further illustrated by the fact that I ordered About a Boy (another of my favorite movies) through On Demand on Monday night. Of course, about a quarter of the way through it, Rykert walked to the shelf and pulled the DVD for the same. Apparently I owned it the whole time.

P.S. Like everyone else, we are sickened by the oil catastrophe* in the Gulf. I have lots of opinions on the matter, but won't bore you here. Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes and it's not as black and white as we would all like for it to be. But we cannot simply ignore the fact that we consume way too much oil. Oil (and the continued drilling for the same anywhere) cannot be the future.
(*Note that I am purposely not using the term "spill". "Spill" seems to indicate a little oops that can easily be mopped up with a couple of sheets of Brawny. It's an understatement in this case, to say the least.)

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