Sunday, May 23, 2010


By Saturday morning I turned the corner, and finally felt that I would be victorious over the streptococci. (It was quite dramatic. I am not a good patient - I don't know how to sit still.) And despite a huge, inexplicable bug bite on my temple that is quite swollen and a run-in with a defective smoke detector that involved the fire department, we had a nice weekend.

The weather was amazing - sunny, warm, and even humid. With the high temperatures, I confidently put in the rest of the garden.

And can I tell you how excited I am about my pink tomato cages? (Note all of that lettuce on either side of the frame - this is about 25% of our current crop.)

New Tomato Cages 052310-02

I've never used tomato cages in the past instead using string, fence posts, and other staking to varying success. I don't have a lot of confidence in the cages functioning and holding the tomatoes through the entire summer, but they were pink. Which apparently makes me a sucker.

In the flower beds along the back of our house, I planted peas a couple of months ago and then planted various kinds of peppers this weekend.

Peas and Peppers 052310

The peas are almost ready to eat, which will give us a nice respite from lettuce and spinach. The plan is that as the weather heats up the peas will be spent and pulled before the peppers get too big.

And of course, our critter patrol stood watch and kept the rabbits away.

Garden Defender 052310

I also did some cooking. Actually, we had pie for dinner tonight...

Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie 02

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