Friday, May 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I said the following: "I can't believe I made it through the entire fall, winter, and spring without a single cold." And as soon as the words came out, I knew that I had jinxed myself. And then last week, Rykert has a really nasty head cold. But amazingly, I didn't get it, so I again praised my super immune system. Must be all the lettuce, right? But then on Wednesday afternoon, out of nowhere, I had a sore throat. I ignored it yesterday thinking that if I didn't acknowledge it, then maybe it would just go away. But by this morning, I couldn't speak. A reluctant trip to the doctor later, and apparently it's strep. So I'm quarantined at home for 24 hours or so, but working and keeping up with email. But I haven't even really felt like knitting, which is odd.

Lesson learned: Be not so smug.

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Meagan said...

Hope you feel better!! A month or so ago, I had just finished praising myself for not getting a cold or the flu while I was pregnant since so many pregnant women get sick b/c of their down immune systems. Sure enough - a couple of days later, nasty nasty cold. I feel your pain. Eat some more lettuce!! Do y'all grow spinach as well? Fresh spinach salads with warm dressing are my favorite!

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