Monday, May 17, 2010

Best intentions.

I had the best of intentions to get lots of knitting done this weekend. But instead, I managed to busy myself with other errands.
  • Saturday morning at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. While the Iowa City market pales in comparison to the downtown Des Moines market, it's still got a nice variety of vendors and is always abuzz on Saturday mornings. I purchased a couple of basil plants (to replace the frost-bitten transplants already in the garden), asparagus, and sun-dried tomato bread.
  • Saturday afternoon, I went to Babies with my sister and nieces. It was cute. Interesting, and just adorable. Conclusion made by my sister: we apparently just "over-parent" in the U.S. I wholeheartedly recommend the movie to just about anyone. There's no narration, just a up-beat soundtrack and the occasional baby-talk and adult conversations. Otherwise, the film just contrasts the babies in each of the 4 countries (U.S., Mongolia, Japan, and Namibia).
  • On Saturday evening, Rykert and I ventured downtown Iowa City for pizza at Sam's and sat in the midst of undergraduate graduation festivities. We didn't know any of the graduates, but felt like we were part of their party.
  • To top off our wild and crazy Saturday night we went to the grocery store. I think it might be the best time to do shopping. It certainly beats mid-morning on Sundays.
  • On Sunday morning I woke up and made a quiche with the asparagus from the farmer's market.
  • Sunday afternoon, we made a long over-due trip furniture shopping and finally ordered a new couch for our basement. Our second-hand furniture has finally reached the end of its life. Unfortunately, I was in the early stages of a migraine, and I'm hoping that it didn't impact my color and fabric selections. It will be a surprise when it finally arrives.
  • I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon napping, which is something I almost never do. I feel groggy and cranky after a nap, so I avoid it whenever possible. But the migraine sent me to bed for a few hours.
  • And then last night, I cooked dinner. Marinated flank steak, broiled asparagus, and the farmer's market bread.
  • Finally, I knit a few rows last night while watching the high-brow cinema that is Beerfest.
It was literally one of those weekends where I don't feel like I did anything or got anything accomplished, but never really stopped moving. Hopefully this week there will be some pictures and something interesting to write about.

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Jennifer said...

Aside from the migraine, it sounds like a lovely weekend. I think you accomplished a great deal. Hope you're feeling better.

Jenn said...

I too was in Iowa City this weekend...just across the street from the farmer's market at the yoga studio. Small world!

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