Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Hangover.

I woke up this morning in a bit of a sugar coma due to the inadvisable amounts of candy and other sweets I ate over the weekend. But it was a nice weekend nonetheless filled with family and relaxation and food.

Eggs were dyed.
Grace Dyeing Easter Eggs 02

My sister purchased this creepy cake at the local grocery store.
Creepy Bunny Cake

The table was set with Bunny Pants.
Easter Pants
A tradition that dates back to Christmas 2008.

Nola sat under either my mom or younger sister begging for a handout. She knows better than to come to me for such things.
Nola Begs

Special flower pots filled with ice cream, worms, and "dirt" were prepared.
Ice Cream Dirt Pots 02
They were adorable, but very messy to eat.

And eggs were hunted.
Easter Egg Hunt 04
You can see the "Easter bunny" took a bit of a lazy approach to hiding the majority of the eggs. There were only so many places to hide eggs, so we decided to use the stand in the middle of the yard and pitch technique.

And Rykert fried a turkey with much success. (Success, in this instance, being defined as retaining your eye brows and not burning down the neighborhood.)

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Rykert said...

If only eyebrows are burned, then that could still be considered success.

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