Saturday, April 17, 2010


A few weeks ago, I started knitting baby hats. And didn't stop. I have 10 or so in various stages of completion (mostly needing adornments). Here's the first couple of ideas I'm throwing around. I'm really loving turquoise and red lately.

Red Flowers Hat

Stripe Heart Hat

Thoughts on these hats? I'm still hoping to start an etsy shop. The idea's not dead; it's just taking longer than I anticipated to get my act together.

And does anyone have a suggestion for a prop to model baby hats like these? Right now, as you can see, I'm using a cereal bowl over a mason jar. And in this case, the bowl is a bit larger than the hat. Ideas?

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Nora said...

Absolutely adorable!! Love the aqua and red color combination!

Mandy said...

Love the one with the felt flowers. Love the color combo, too. Girly, without being pinkpinkpinkpinkpink. Not that there's anything wrong with pink. That's all my niece wants.

J A Hynek said...

I was in a quandry for a way to model my hand knitted baby wear as well. I looked all over the internet styrofoam baby heads and/or manneqins and did not have much luck. Mannequins are expensive and outside of my budget. While adult sized styrofoam heads are cheap and easy to find, baby-sized and child-sized styrofoam heads do not seem to exist. So I finally went to Walmart and bought a couple of different sized styrofoam balls (the kind sold for making solar system models) and carved them into the head shapes (otherwise they are just too round). Then I covered them in some scrap unbleached muslin. They turned out better than I had hoped.

I will say that I like the mason jar with the interesting colorful bits (pencils?) in them. It's a great way to have interesting pics and that really helps sell on etsy. So all you really need is something more head shaped rather then bowl shaped directly under the hat.

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