Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lest you think I disappeared...

Do you remember that show Trading Spaces? Maybe it's still on. I'm talking about the first couple of seasons in the early 00s. You know the premise, couples would swap houses with their neighbors, and then, with the help of a carpenter and a designer, spend $1000 redesigning a room in the other's home. It was a train wreck, but I couldn't help but watch. I always wondered if the couples really liked each other. Because, how else can you explain a couple sitting passively by as the "designer" glued straw to the walls of their "friend's home" or painted a basement black or a brick fireplace hot pink.

Rykert didn't like the show, because he refused to suspend disbelief. He knew, with certainty, that the couples didn't get the work completed in 2 days on their own. Only careful editing made it appear as if there wasn't a full crew working in the background. And $1000? Puh-lease.

In one episode, the designer Frank appears wearing a hat that appeared to have been stolen from the Captain. Apparently, without looking at the remainder of the family's house, he was going to incorporate a nautical theme into a family room. (shudder.) There was probably some whimsical stencilling on the walls too. But after that episode, Rykert started calling the designer Frank, an apparent fan favorite, "the Captain". And then any aging bald man became someone who looks like the Captain.

I explain all of that to tell you this, we've been engaged in our own little Trading Spaces home improvement project. Except we aren't trading, there are no cameras or invisible work crew, we're footing the bill, it's taken far longer than 2 days and still isn't done, and there will be no avant garde design choices like gluing straw to the walls. And that is the reason this blog has been quiet.

We started out to replace the aging flooring in our kitchen and dining area and to just generally remove the 1980s from our home decor. But it's funny how these projects are like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. In order to replace the linoleum we had to move the refrigerator. The beat-up, non-Energy Star, early 80s refrigerator with non-functioning ice and water was wedged so tightly into it's cavity that we needed a professional to get it out which meant replacing. Of course, we didn't realize it would take over 6 months to find one that would fit into said cavity. But it was finally replaced.

With a movable refrigerator in place, we could now purchase the flooring. To install the flooring we had to remove the trim. With the trim removed, I decided that painting the walls a couple of shades lighter wouldn't be such a big job. (I was wrong.)

And finally with the my dad's help, knowledge, and expertise the floor has now been replaced. Only a bit of finishing remains. We're going to be taking our time with these last steps. But even when we are "done" the dominoes will inevitably keep falling. And I'm happy to report that 50% of the 1980s/ Miami Vice light fixtures in the first floor of our house have been replaced. There is, however, still a "glorious" 1980s brass wall sconce that needs to be addressed.

But I have been knitting again. I haven't touched felt fabric in a week or more. And my dress is complete. So hopefully soon I will find my camera and camera cord which have been buried in the kitchen mess and catch up on everything.

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Knittripps said...

Yes, I remember Trading Spaces and Frank. Thinking about it first made me smile...then cringe. Oh, some of what the completed rooms were so terrible! Home improvement projects are very rewarding.

Abby said...

Yeah, that 3D straw wallpaper was horrifying. For one, it was really, really dumb looking. Another, think of the mess you'd make just by accidentally brushing the wall a you walked through your living room. And just think of the year-round hayfever. Achoo. Was that Frank's doing, or was it Doug's?

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