Sunday, March 28, 2010


We spent a big chunk of yesterday in our yard attempting to clean it up. I couldn't help but wonder where all of the leaves had come from. We have exactly one ash tree on our lot, and last fall we raked 10+ bags of leaves. And yet somehow, our yard was again full of leaves after the snow melted. While we were out there, we got the garden beds ready for the spring and summer. And we couldn't help but think about warmer days, tomatoes, and other summer treats.

A few weeks ago we started lettuce and pepper (sweet bell, jalapeƱo, and banana) seeds under our lights. And the tomatoes are started now too. Vegetables still seem like a very long ways away...

Lettuce Seedlings
Lettuce will be going outside soon.

Pepper Seedlings
The peppers are cold.

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