Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've got nothing, so a few random thoughts and some linky links:

  • I have more ideas than time. Like turning this list into a blog/website.
  • It's Promtacular. I really hope this site keeps adding content. And my mom and aunt should be wise to pay me off to keep their prom pictures off of there. My prom photos, on the other hand, are timeless and un-funny.
  • I'm thinking of breaking up with Facebook. Facebook said some things. I said some things. I don't understand how people can post opinions on controversial comments, and then take personal offense when you engage in friendly, civilized banter. I thought Facebook was the new public square? And I've never known how to deal with those "friend requests" from people you lost touch with for good reason or who you barely knew at any point in your life. Myspace is dead. Twitter's still clunky. So what's next? Hand-written letters and telephone calls?
  • We saw Hot Tub Time Machine last weekend. And despite the fact that every part of my being wanted to hate it, I didn't. Yes it was a ridiculous premise full of disgusting low-brow humor and one of the highest saturation of the f*word EVER. But it was actually surprisingly philosophical. And full of nods to 80s movies. And John Cusack.
  • Despite not having any need for it, I want an iPad.
  • If you are looking for an amazing Easter craft, go here. Make these and report back. I don't think I'll have the time (or energy) to make these before the weekend. But WOW.
  • And because every post needs some kind of picture. I give you this little gem I put together. I've been taking boxes of pictures home from my mom's and scanning them. I found this one of my sister (and me off to the side) which reminded me of a picture she had taken in the last year or two of one of her daughters.

Emily and Grace

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Anonymous said...

Ok, leave me out of the promtastic thing, who are you fighting with on the interweb?, the peepshi is really cute, chocolate eggs, way too involved for me, what a lovely website you showed us AND does Grace ever look like her mother. Enjoyed the post. Thanks! Love, mom

princessquiltandknitalot said...

totally agree with your facebook comments, I think I want to breakup with facebook too

Emily said...

Why did I let that bird touch me? That is the mystery here. I think we should submit some prom pics. 1992 and my white dress come to mind...

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