Sunday, February 28, 2010

My favorite meal.

True confession: I am a picky eater. Very picky. Always have been.

Sometimes when Rykert and I are considering getting take-out or going out to dinner, he will ask, "What are you hungry for?" And to that I might respond, "Breadsticks from Pizza Hut*, wings from The Vine**, a caesar salad from Old Chicago, pizza from Sam's**, and macaroni and cheese from Blackstone**. And a DQ blizzard for dessert. I like carbs. I haven't been able to talk him into a progressive dinner across town at various restaurants. At least not yet.

But if all else fails, my pedestrian palate can almost always be satisfied with pizza. I've never really met a pizza that I didn't like, and can be more than happy eating it multiple nights in a row. As an aside, I have finally perfected a Chicago style deep dish recipe. It's as good as anything I've had in any restaurant. But I digress...

My point being that as my felt food stitching stormed forward, I knew there would have to be pizza. And so I made pizza.

There were two ways to go with the felt pizza: individual slices or a whole pizza. If this is ever used for play, I decided that pieces with removable toppings would be more fun. But the multiple pieces would have to comprise an entire pizza. So, I give you a very topping heavy pizza.

Pizza 04

On a silver tray and with a nice thick "stuffed" crust.

Pizza 01

We don't each anchovies on our pizza around here, but I added them to this play pizza just for fun.

*Don't judge me. I love their breadsticks.
**Local establishments.

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janna said...

Cute! (And I could live on pizza, too.)

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the food idiosyncrasies!!! Trust me, it didn't start in college, it's a lifelong thing. Remember the fateful day you got onion "smithereens" on your plain McDonalds hamburger? Love Mom

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