Monday, February 15, 2010

My bologna has a first name...

As I was blog surfing last week, I somehow ended up on Myrtle & Eunice. A great blog. And on that blog, the blogger had posted a pattern for making an adorable felt sandwich. I was immediately, and obviously smitten.

My nieces spent last Friday evening with us. Every time they come over they want to do a "craft," and I'm always ill-prepared. I thought the sandwich would be a fun project, so I bought all the supplies. Anna pounced on the project and was very attentive to getting the "bread" stitched up. Grace was distracted and really wanted to play with Nola, so she didn't get hers quite finished (she was also distracted by a game of Battleship with Rykert that was really funny to listen to from the next room). I can report that this is a perfect project for an 8 (almost 9) year old.

Anna's Sandwich

She did a great job with the stitching, and I was impressed with her attention span.

Anna and her sandwich

She was really proud of the finished project.

Of course, I had to make one for myself. I also made a piece of bologna. Because sometimes you just need a plain old bologna sandwich.

Bologna Sandwich 01

Bologna Sandwich 03

And some bacon. For a BLT.

BLT 01

BLT 02

Here are all the sandwich fixins'.

Sandwich Fixins 01

I used wool felt for mine, but we used regular inexpensive craft felt for Anna's, and it turned out really nice as well. But I really like the way the wool felt feels and looks. If you think that I'm done with stitching together felt food, you are wrong. It's so cute. I have a stack of felt, and I can't stop myself. I may never knit again.

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Jennifer said...

Adorable! Her smile says it all.

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