Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have a secret... I can't crochet. I mean I can make a chain for a provisional knitting cast on or a basic border on a hat or something. But to actually make something in crochet, no way.

I saw that Home Ec Workshop, one of the most adorable coffee/yarn/fabric shops and workshop ever, was offering a crochet class so I signed up. I made my sister sign up too. Armed with a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, I learned the ropes and made a magic potholder.

Crochet Potholder 01

I'm ridiculously proud of this accomplishment. It has flaws. I clearly still have tension issues to work out. And well, it's supposed to be square and it's not. But go me. My sister finished hers too, but I don't have a picture. I'm pretty sure that this is one of the oldest and most basic crochet patterns around. I'm pretty sure my mom has a potholder exactly like this in the recesses of her kitchen drawers.

I also forgot what it was like to be out of the house in the evening in the middle of the week. Seriously. Most nights I get home from work and change out of my work clothes. Not wanting to dirty another set of clothes, I often just put my pajamas on. This is particularly true in the winter. It results in way too much tv. I really enjoyed the crochet class, and am resolved to take more classes. Right now I think I'm going to take a sewing class next week at Home Ec. The project is the Schoolhouse Tunic. Outside of costumes which only need to hold up for one night and look good from a distance, my sewing skills are very basic. So I'm hoping to gain a bit more confidence and maybe, just maybe, sew something I could actually wear.

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MamaLizKnits said...

good for you! I think your potholder looks fabulous. I bet it's super soft, too. I think I'd hang it on the side of my kitchen fridge and then just rub it against my cheek. lol

Also -- how great that you got out and what a treat to live near Home Ec. I never went to the shop but there are many fans in Des Moines.

I miss getting out on a weeknight. I haven't knit in public let alone with someone else since we moved away a year ago and I miss it.

I hope you enjoy your sewing class! :)

Jennifer said...

Awww - my Grandma used to make those Magic Potholders (I didn't know what they were called). Yours looks great. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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