Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Yesterday was a snow day. At least for me. I woke up to snow and then there was wind and a little more snow, so I worked from home.

On Sunday, in an attempt to pretend that we weren't surrounded by snow in Iowa, we fried some alligator. Yesterday, I looked around the kitchen and noticed that our fryer was still out. I decided it was a perfect day to make homemade doughnuts. I made the dough between conference calls, and then rolled them out just before dinner time. And that's what we had for dinner: doughnuts liberally doused in powdered sugar glaze and sprinkles.

Homemade Doughnuts 02

When Rykert's not around, I have no problem eating only sugary breakfast cereal*, peanut butter toast, and microwave popcorn for all my meals - throw in some potato chips and AE sour cream dip, and I could live for a month. But Rykert's more traditional and wants protein and vegetables with most of his meals. I tried to convince him that doughnuts were a perfectly balanced dinner. Despite my sharp negotiation skills, I lost, and he had a turkey sandwich. Rykert fancies himself a bit of a sandwich artist. Because negotiation is a big part of my career, a loss always stings.

Valentine Doughnut

They were far from perfect, but so good. And I learned a few things on my first attempt. And for every doughnut, there's a hole...

And doughnut holes

I blame The Pioneer Woman for this. Next time I'm going to try cake style doughnuts like they have at Caseys.

*Speaking of breakfast cereals, have you seen this Flowchart. It cracks me up every time ("Do you like the roof of your mouth?"). Also see their Fast Food ("Is your name Jared?"), Chain Restaurant ("Are you near the "good" mall?"), Beer ("Are you doing that ironic hipster thing?"), Freezer Aisle ("Do you know how to preheat an oven?"), and Candy ("Do you like eating chalk?") flowcharts. It's all funny, because it's kind of true.

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RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Several things:
-Where on earth did you get alligator to fry???
-Doughnuts are absolutely unequivocally allowable for dinner.
-Those flowcharts made me laugh for about 15 minutes solid. Awesome.

L said...

"Where on earth did you get alligator to fry???"

I was going to lie and say that we caught it. But we didn't. We purchased it in a regular old grocery store in New Orleans and added it to our cooler of frozen groceries. There's at least another pound in my freezer.

Emily said...

those flowcharts are hilarious

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

Ok, if you had said that you got it around here I was going to be miiiiighty impressed. I want to go grocery shopping in New Orleans! How fun!

L said...

I love grocery shopping when we go to Louisiana.

There's apparently a new New Orleans restaurant in North Liberty that I must try soon. Maybe this weekend:

CR Gazette Article

They may have alligator. Champagne's in West Branch is also really good if you are looking for Cajun food.

Meagan said...

You can buy alligator in the grocery store??!!

The first time I ever had fried alligator was with your father in law at the Chimes in Baton Rouge - yummy!

And those donuts are killing me right now! Now the Shipleys down the street just won't cut it.

L said...

Yes, you can buy alligator at Rouse's. I love Rouse's.

Fry up some doughnuts. So good. I had another one on my way to the gym last night. Rykert though that was soooo funny.

Abby said...

I love those flow charts - the "do you like the roof of your mouth?" was indeed suited to all varieties of Cap'n Crunch. The older I get, the thinner the roof of my mouth is, and the more I crave PB Cap'n Crunch. Life can be cruel.

I have the candy gene, as well. In fact, I fed Ella popcorn for lunch today (half day of school) and myself ate an unspecified number of Dove chocolates sprinkled with fleur de sel. Gimme sugar and some non-nutritive food varnish and I'm good to go.

Call me when you make the Casey's donuts. I'll be right over.

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