Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy week.

Even though there really hasn't been that much going on, it's felt like a busy week.

On Wednesday we drove to Des Moines to watch some wrastlin'. (yes I know there's supposed to be an "e" and a "g" in wrastlin). My cousin advanced to the State tournament.

Wil State Wrestling 02

I proved, yet again, that I still know absolutely nothing about wrastlin'. I honestly thought, until relatively recently, that you just wrastled until someone got pinned. But apparently, there are points. And folding chairs are not acceptable props. Oh I also re-learned that wrastlin' fans are a crazy bunch. We couldn't make it back the rest of the week, but he did really well.

On Thursday night, I started my Schoolhouse Tunic class at Home Ec. I made a good star. I'm using a lightweight chambray fabric. For some reason chambray feels very late 80s/ early 90s to me, but I like it (and apparently I'm too far out of style because I spied some chambray at the mall today). There's only 2 of us in the class, which is nice. I'm relearning how to properly cut patterns and basics that I knew but have been ignoring.

And of course, there's been more felt fake food.

A bag of chips.

Potato Chips 02

Potato Chips 01
For the chips, I just free-handed the pattern. But the ridge technique comes from here.

And a couple of Ho-Hos.


HoHos 02
The Ho-Ho pattern is here.

And much much more. More on that over the next few days. I hope you don't get too bored.

Someone in our house has become addicted to curling. He started watching it and was sort of making fun of the "athleticism" of the participants. But he's now discovered that it's a very compelling game to watch, and has become an addict.

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Emily said...

Thanks. Now I really want to eat a Ho-Ho. They are adorable though!

Knittripps said...

One of my bowling partners is obsessed with curling. It is pretty interesting.

I'm enjoying the felted food. Keep it coming!

L said...

I think there is money to be made by opening a curling "alley". It seems to have many of the same social aspects of bowling.

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