Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Gone.

Oh how I love a long weekend. Of course, my plans of cleaning, organizing, going to the gym and doing a host of other important tasks didn't go far (and by "didn't go far" I mean "didn't go anywhere"). But I did watch a very good football game, spend some time with my parents, do a little bit of shopping, a lot of eating, and quite a bit of knitting. That's something, right? Oh and we finally watched The Hurt Locker. I have lots of movies to catch up on in the next month or so:
  • Inglourious Basterds. Rykert went to this one without me when it came out, because I was on the fence about seeing it fearing that it would be too violent. But if I made it through the Kill Bills, I've decided I need to see this one. My pop culture IQ depends on it. It's been procured from the RedBox and will be watched in the next couple of days. At which time I will try to make sense of the misspellings in the title.
  • The Lovely Bones. I know this is getting mixed reviews, but I HAVE to see it. If you haven't read this book, then you should stop reading this and go get it. Now. Alice Sebold's autobiographical Lucky is also excellent.
  • Up in the Air. This has been on the list since it came out, but it keeps getting bumped for other movies.
  • Crazy Heart. We have no real independent movie theatre in this town anymore since the one in the downtown mall has been converted into University offices. So I'm not sure that this one has even made it here yet.
  • Precious. I'm not sure I'll get Rykert to this one, so I'll have to decide whether it is worth going alone or if I should wait for the DVD. I'm uncomfortable just thinking about seeing it.
  • A Serious Man. I honestly don't know much about this movie, but they had me at "Coen Brothers."
  • Nine. I'll probably be waiting for the DVD. I was really excited about seeing this one, and then heard that it was flat.
  • Sherlock Holmes. Again, I think we'll likely wait for the DVD.
  • 500 Days of Summer. I completely intended to see this one in the theatre, but never got there. Next on my DVD list.

I didn't see Avatar. I don't plan to. It's just not my thing. Rykert saw it in 3D without me, because 3D movies make me dizzy. As for The Hurt Locker. I thought it was really interesting, and extremely well made. It's purposefully light on plot, and the violence is honest and not at all gratuitous (my usual issue with war movies). And for a war movie, it has a lot of subtext that allows the viewer to think. I hate movies that have a message that flows through the whole movie, and then at the end they assume the viewer is dumb and didn't get it so they spell it out really s-l-o-w.

I'm still overwhelmed by lots of ideas of things to make, which has led me to actually do a little more knitting and crafting and a little less computer-ing. Not a bad thing. The winter weather (which has, for the moment, dramatically improved) has also led me to actually watch tv other than Law & Order reruns (which are always on EXCEPT when I want to watch them), and I discovered that we have a bunch of movie channels (the reason I didn't know this is actually a symptom of the fact that I cannot run the unnecessarily complex cable remote control). At any rate, I've been in front of the tv knitting and watching movies in my spare time. I am happy to report that I can still recite all of the dialogue to both The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, I still love the last dance in Dirty Dancing, Sense & Sensibility is the exception to my objection to period movies, John Cusack as Lloyd Dobbler is still cute, and Juno may very well be one of my favorite movies of all time. I love movies. Any suggestions for old movies to re-watch or new movies?

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