Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That wasn't so bad...

I sucked it up last week, and spent all of 5 (maybe 10) minutes finishing My So Called Scarf. It took no time.

My So-Called Scarf 01

That picture really doesn't quite capture the colors. It's more like this...

La Marla Scarf

The specifics:

The Pattern: My So Called Scarf
The Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Marl La (now discontinued
Needles: US 19 (turkey baster sized)

I really loved this yarn when I saw it at The Knitting Shoppe in Iowa City back in 2005. I bought a couple skeins and worked up this scarf, and then tossed it aside thinking I would add another skein. I never got around to buying another skein, and now the yarn is discontinued. It's still a passable length for a scarf.

As to the yarn, the yarn was comprised of 4 strands of worsted weight wool very loosely twisted together. The effect would be easy to mimic by choosing 4 colors and knitting them together on large needles.

UPDATED: Classic Elite MarL La is available here cheap.

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Abby said...

That's a great scarf - well done!

Anonymous said...

Loving all the UFOs and admiring the staying power of getting them done!!! Next order of business: you really need to name the dress form. Love, Mom

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