Friday, January 15, 2010


I alluded in my last post to my recent surge of energy toward my knitting. It happens like that for me. I'll go weeks or months even barely knitting a stitch, and then I'm maniacal. Ideas coming into my head. Project ideas coming from every direction.

I have a couple of ideas for baby sweaters that I'd like to knit and (maybe) write accompanying patterns. It's such a tricky business, though, knitting from scratch. I think I have an idea (look and construction) that's somewhat unique, but how can I be sure? I've scoured the interwebs and Ravelry to see if there is already a pattern available for what I have in mind in order to avoid putting my efforts into the project. And I haven't found anything. However, I'm almost certain that as soon as I put yarn to needle and pen to paper, something similar will appear and I'll look like a copycat. But I'm going to enjoy the process regardless, right?

As the ideas have come to me, I've written them down and drawn rudimentary Sharpie sketches. And put an outline plan of knitting attack in place.

In the past week, I've also knit 2 yarn-over-y berets to limited success (One was too big and too chunky and the second was too small and not slouchy enough). More on those soon. I've knit the yoke to underarms or a sweater for myself, and cast on the same baby sweater (see above) 3 times and am finally on the right track.

Somehow this 3 day weekend snuck up on me. How nice. So I'm hoping to spend it (a) starting that closet cleaning, (b) knitting, (c) visiting with my parents, and most importantly (d) watching a certain football game. Who dat? (the uneducated should please read that link.)

Of course, I still need to tackle this. I've been too ashamed to open the bags.

3 sweaters UFO

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