Friday, January 08, 2010


A couple of days ago I posted about having a fresh start for 2010. And as much as I would have liked to believe that I was coming into 2010 with a clean knitting slate, this was giving me the skunk eye.

Tub o Shame 2

A tub of shame where seemingly good knits go to die.

I decided that it was time to tackle it. To toss things; to recycle things; to finish things (gasp!). First there was a proper assessment. The results were shocking and a wee bit shameful...

Unfinished Object (hereafter "UFO") #1: A pink earflap hat I started without a pattern using 2 strands of Vanna's Choice yarn. I think it was intended for a charity project. Unfortunately, intentions don't keep people warm.

Pink Earflap Hat UFO

Verdict: Finish it. As you can see from the picture, it's time to start decreasing. This should be a quick completion.

UFO #2: Purple Baby Bolero. This is a Debbie Bliss pattern and I did the knitting in the very early days of my knitting career when I was obsessed with Debbie Bliss patterns. All that needs to be done is to seam one side and then wash, block, and sew on a closure. I was so close to finishing, that the side seam yarn was still in the yarn needle. Pathetic.

Purple Bolero UFO 01

Purple Bolero UFO 02

Verdict: Despite the fact that it show my uneven early knitting skills, finish it. If nothing else, I'll give it to my nieces for their dolls.

UFO #3: A lime green dishcloth using the simplest of garter stitch patterns. This is just getting pathetic. Likely, I started this when I was in a rut. I wanted to knit something, but wasn't sure what, so I started this. It's therapeutic knitting.

Lime Dishcloth UFO

Verdit: Finish it. Eventually. No rush on this one, but I'll keep it around to knit on a few rows at a time.

Our UFO journey continues tomorrow... stay tuned.

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