Saturday, January 09, 2010

Shame - Part 2.

Yesterday, we started down the journey into the plastic box where my seemingly good knits go to languish. Let's continue on...

UFO #4: A fingerless glove. This is the simplest of patterns. A ribbed tube with a buttonhole for the thumb. I remember exactly why I started knitting these: my office at work is freezing. After finishing one, I think I realized that while my office is, in fact, very cold, it is unlikely that I would wear these - the equivalent of legwarmers (which reminds me that I've always wanted to knit myself some legwarmers). But I love this yarn. I know I purchased it at the Knitting Shoppe in Iowa City, but I have no idea what the brand is.

Fingerless Mitt UFO

Verdict: I'm on the fence on this. But... I don't have the "recipe" for the first one and it doesn't look like it's available anymore. So should I rip it?

UFO #5: Socks. I think these are the Jaywalker pattern. I must've started these during a brief period where I forgot that I not only don't like wearing socks, but I don't like knitting them either. But at the time, everyone was knitting this pattern.

Sock UFO - RIP

Verdict: Already ripped. The yarn and needles have been reclaimed and stored away. Perhaps this Trekking yarn will become a simple scarf or shawl or something. Maybe some day I'll discover my inner sock knitter. But I am doubtful.

UFO #6: My So-Called Scarf. I loved everything about this project, and knit this entire scarf in a matter of a few hours. I love the yarn (now discontinued). I love the pattern. But the kicker, all this scarf needs is to be bound off the needles and have the ends woven in. That's a 5 minute job. If I have a justification this is it: I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to make the scarf longer and find another skein of the yarn. Well, by waiting and having said yarn discontinued, the decision has been made. It is the perfect length.

My So-Called Scarf UFO 01

Verdict: FINISH IT! This is just sad. Of course, I picked the yarn to match a pink wool coat that I don't really wear that often anymore (it's a dog hair magnet). But finished it will be.

UFOs #7, #8, and #9: Sweaters. These each need more explanation. The first is a sweater for Rykert that is representative of numerous bad choices: pattern, yarn, gauge. So it will be ripped, and maybe some day I will still knit that sweater for Rykert. The other two are mine and so close to being finished... In due time, I'll reveal more. These three projects represent a lot of knitting time, so it's shameful that they are now in the states they are in.

3 sweaters UFO

Verdict: Wait and see.

There's a couple more. One that needs special attention. Hopefully, soon, you will see a parade of finished knits. I'm already planning to turn that plastic bin into a box for finished knits waiting to be gifted. Which is a whole other story for another day. What should I do with all my finished projects that are now sitting around unused?

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MamaLizKnits said...

Are they the voodoo wrist warmers from Knitty?

I think you should finish them off and add them to the gift stash. Either you'll gift them or wear them eventually. Don't forget that they also work well on top of gloves.

L said...

Yes Liz! That's it. I had totally forgotten. I checked Chicknits, thinking that was where the pattern was, but they are definitely that pattern from Knitty. My faith is restored.

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