Monday, January 04, 2010

Fresh Start.

Last night I barely slept a wink. I was concerned that I had forgotten how to get up in the morning and do this "work" thing. But alas, I made it through my first day of work after a 2 week break. I spent my break cleaning, visiting, and did a wee bit of knitting. I didn't even check my work email, which is pretty unlike me. It was nice. However, it made for a rough re-entry this morning as my inbox was a-bustin'. On the upside, I remembered how to get to work, my computer password, and the names of my coworkers. On the downside, the air temperature (wind chill aside) was negative 4 degrees as I pulled out of the garage.

Moving along...
Rykert has commented that my generic New Year's Resolutions are the equivalent of "R S T L N and E" in the final round of Wheel of Fortune. They're givens. So instead of making general resolutions, which, by definition, will be forgotten and broken, I'm trying to make smaller more reachable goals. Besides, I already broke the clean eating when the pizza in the work cafeteria tempted me away from my celery and clementine. My first New Year's Resolution was to go to the grocery store before January 4, and I can ch-ch-check that one off. I'm on a roll. So, for January, I resolve to clean my closets. It's finite. It's doable. In reality, it's actually a bigger job than it sounds.

On the knitting side, here are my initial knitting goals:
  • Knit a slouchy hat using Noro Kureyon to match the SYE scarf I knit last year. I've been wearing the Le Slouch hat (pattern no longer available) I knit in 2006 recently, so I'll be using that pattern.
  • Knit a pair of mittens in the same Noro Kureyon.
  • Knit myself a slouchy sweater using the Classic Elite Skye Tweed I had originally planned to use to knit Rykert a sweater. Either Garter Yoke Cardigan, a Seamless Hybrid, or Red Hook. Thoughts?
  • Write a pattern for my American Girl doll sweaters and publish it on Ravelry.

Again, doable, finite goals. Which I reserve the right to change should a new pattern or yarn call my name.

Looking at this post, it's a lot of words, so I leave you with Nola and her Christmas toys. Which she doesn't play with. Poor dog hasn't been to the dog park in days because of the negative temperatures...

Nola with her Christmas toys

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Knittripps said...

Maybe Red Hook because it is an excuse to buy BT's booklet? I like to flip through mine when I am bored.

Debbie said...

Poor Nola. Buddy's getting squirrely from no walks -- when we try to go out I end up carrying him.

As for the sweater, I vote for the Garter Yoke Cardigan, I think it would look fabulous on you. But then they all would.

MamaLizKnits said...

Your goals are totally C D & M, babe... good for you.

Nola looks sooo pitiful. I hope it warms up there soon!

How strange that the Le Slouch pattern is no longer available. What is up with that? I knit it a while back... my favorite hat.

Abby said...

Funny that you mention Wheel of Fortune today. Papa watched it five nights a week at 6:30. "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" God I always wanted that giant Toblerone.

Thinking of you and wishing you and Rykert a happy new year. Stay warm up there!

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