Sunday, January 10, 2010

Floppity Flop Flop.

The best part of writing your own blog is that you can edit your own life. Share the successes. Pretend the failures never happened. From time to time there have definitely been knitting projects that were finished, laughed at, and then either ripped out or thrown away never to be written of here. The first rule of ugly knits is never to speak of ugly knits.

Well, I'm breaking that rule today.

Remember last week when I told you how I wanted to knit a slouchy hat. I tried. But it was a series of unfortunate factors: the yarn colors stacked up unfavorably, I used too small needles, and I got anxious and started decreasing too soon.

Kureyon Flop 02

See. I told you. Very little slouch. Not even close to what I was hoping for...

Kureyon Flop 03

I think I'll hide.

Kureyon Flop 01

I'll toss this into the finished knits bin, and use the remaining 1.5 balls to try again. The next one should have more pink. Which I like. But I've grown tired of it, so I'll be working on something else for a little while.

And then there's the pink earflap hat from the UFO bin. Again, I got anxious and decreased too soon. Plus the two strands of acrylic yarn made a stiff hat. I tried to fix things with a couple made up rows of crochet. But there's no saving this one...

Pink Earflap Hat

Back tomorrow with some success...

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janna said...

I love the color of the pink earflap hat, but it's true you don't want a stiff hat!

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