Monday, December 14, 2009

What a load...

On Saturday, I made my sister and nieces accompany me to Iowa City's What a Load of Craft. It was an interesting and diverse group of crafters. Part of my interest was to determine whether it was something I wanted to participate in next year, and I'm still on the fence about that.

There were a couple of yarn booths, so I did manage to purchase myself a Christmas present.

What a Load of Craft Yarn

The yarn is a Superwash Wool in a sportweight and was dyed by BugSnugger Yarn.
I love the colors. But somebody will need to remind me of that once I start knitting and the variegated-ness of the yarn starts annoying every fiber of my Type A personality.

Oh, and I now want a button/pin maker for Christmas so I can make all kinds of flair.

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