Saturday, December 05, 2009


Back in July 2006, I discovered the book Itty Bitty Hats. It was utterly adorable. Then somewhere along the way, I started following the author, Susan B. Anderson, through her blog. She subsquently published Itty Bitty Nursery (which I own but have yet to knit from). And recently Itty Bitty Toys was released. I purchased Itty Bitty Toys right after it was released, but then stuck it on the bookshelf. After the Dancing Monkey, I dove into Itty Bitty Toys and immediately wanted to knit everything.

I chose an adorable reversible toy, a blue bird as my first project. The construction is very clever, and the knitting is fairly quick. I had the egg/ bird completed in the time it took to get about half-way through Missouri on our road trip last week.

Blue Bird 01

Blue Bird 02

Blue Bird 03

Blue Bird 04

Blue Bird 06

In case you are interested, here's what all the pieces look like.

Blue Bird Pieces

I made a couple of changes mostly in the order I completed the pieces. It made more sense to me to finish the bird completed (beak, eyes, stuffing) so the ends could be woven in on the inside, and then sewing the bird to the egg. It's a minor change, but I think it makes the finishing easier. Perhaps this is what the instructions called for, but it seemed like it wanted you to knit the egg and the bird body and then sew them together. Then finish the bird. If you look closely at the nest you will see my sub-par crochet skills around the top. So just ignore that, ok?

Regardless, this book is worth purchasing if you like knitting toys. It's adorable!

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Katie said...

This looks really cool. Great job!

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