Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doll Parts.

When I was a little girl the only dolls in my life were Barbies. Of course, I occasionally fell for other dolls, notably Cabbage Patch Kids during their high point. But ultimately, Cabbage Patch Kids had an odd baby powder-esque smell, and I always returned to Barbies. Between my sisters and I, we had a fairly impressive collection of Barbies, clothes, Kens (though very few clothes for Ken who was nearly impossible to dress anyway), furniture, shoes, etc. Imagine the excitement when my sister and I saw a Barbie and the Rockers reproduction at Toys 'R Us last weekend. If I went to my parent's house right now, I could probably find 80% of that doll's ensemble. I always had a soft spot for Skipper, which is why I'm happy to see she has returned. Whenever I have to wear a suit for work, I always remark that I feel like Skipper in Barbie's clothes.

So while I could continue to wax poetic about Barbies, I think I have a point. It's here somewhere.

Barbies were, for the most part, the only dolls in my childhood. We always got the F.A.O. Schwartz catalog, and I recall something about American Girl dolls. But when I was in my doll years, they weren't that readily available, and as I said, I was all about Barbies. My nieces have American Girl dolls which they play with off and on, and apparently it's currently "on". While I think the whole American Girl doll thing is a bit of a racket, I have to admit that the dolls are charming, and the clothes and accessories are adorable. And better, the dolls aren't wearing midriffs and makeup. (I'm lookin' at you Bratz.)

Rykert and I went to the American Girl doll store in Chicago and attempted to select something to give them for Christmas which was a freaking nightmare. We took a few steps into the store and quickly turned around in fear, knowing that we were out of our element. It was chaos, and I was overwhelmed. So, I bought them something else for Christmas.

Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to look around Ravelry for American Girl patterns, and found a bunch. None of the patterns were exactly what I was looking for, and many were way too fiddly for a doll sweater (i.e. seams), in my opinion. So I created a simple, raglan cardigan knit seamlessly from the top down.

AG Sweater 02

AG Sweater 01

I needed to see if it would fit, so I purchased an un-American Girl (standard 18" doll) at Michaels using one of their ubiquitous 40% off coupons.

AG Sweater 04

AG Sweater 03

By the way, it's taking everything I have not to chop that dolls hair off (which occasionally happened with the Barbies in our house, which is why we had a couple Sinead O'Barbies).

So the verdict, it's not ready for primetime. I like the shape and it fits pretty well in the arms, but it doesn't close which was the goal. I think I can adjust it fairly easily, but for now I have two little open front sweaters. I may write the pattern up once I perfect it.

AG Sweaters 05

It's a really easy little sweater, and would be a great starter for someone interested in knitting a sweater from the top down. I used less than half a ball of Cotton Ease for each.

More doll clothes to come...

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Anonymous said...

I think those sweaters are darling the way they are. Who cares if they button? Mom

Emily said...

They are super cute and the girls will love them. They won't care if they don't button.

Meagan said...

This was one of my favorite posts of yours!! Ha - I loved reminiscing about Barbie and the Rockers. I had a sweet tape of the Barbie and the Rocker's greatest hits - or only 2 hits. Oh and don't get me started on American girls. My mother still hasn't let me forget that she spent a fortune on "Samantha" (one of the inaugural AGs) and I promptly chopped her beautiful long hair into a sleek bob.

And the sweaters are adorable - agree with the above comments - who cares if they close??? I guarantee you the doll doesn't :)

Crafty Girl said...

Hey, that sweater is darling. Don't know if you have ever seen this, but I have spotted these online and thought you might be interested.

lauriec said...

Have you written the pattern yet? It is adorable & I have a very impatient 7 year old who wants me to knit it for her AG doll!

Libby said...

@lauriec: I'm working on it. Unfortunately, I postponed the pattern writing for so long that I need to reknit and take better notes. I hope to have it soon. There are some similar, cute patterns on Ravelry.

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