Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold Weather Gear.

With the sweaters completed, I decided that the girls' dolls needed some cold weather gear.

For Christmas, I'm giving each of my nieces a hat knit from the yarn they selected at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival last summer. There was a bit left in each skein, so I used it to create a set for their dolls.

Hats (improvised pattern).

AG Hat 02

Scarf (garter stitch)

AG Scarf 01

and Mittens. (pattern here.)

AG Mitten 01

I probably wouldn't use that mitten pattern again. It's clearly written, but I'm not sure that it creates the best fitting mitten. I would probably use sock yarn and a different pattern knit in the round next time.

But at least they match...

AG Set 01 01

AG Set 02 01

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amy said...

let me say you have outdone yourself. those mittens are the cutest things ever!

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