Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It seems like in the past few years every time the weatherpeople predict a major snowstorm, it fizzles out and they have been wrong. So when they predicted a blizzard, I was a skeptic. In preparation, just in case, I brought home my laptop and prepared to work from home in the event of such a storm.

So I went to bed with snow coming down and the wind starting to blow, and a blizzard warning. This was the view out our kitchen door.

1200809 Blizzard

I woke up to this.

120909 Blizzard 01

120909 Blizzard

For a moment I enjoyed the splendor of a winter's day. But then I looked out the other side of the house where drifts a couple feet deep had piled up and had to be shoveled. Shoveled. At which point I reminded myself of the same thing I say every year this time: we MUST purchase a snowblower this spring for next year.

I took advantage of my lunch break at home to make some toffee (post soone). And I'm knitting little sweaters the size of American Girl dolls for Christmas presents. I'm going to wrap myself in a couple of blankets and get start knitting and getting ready to watch Glee.

Hope everyone is warm and safe wherever youare!

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