Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wee mittens.

Following the cuteness of the wee stockings, I decided to knit a few wee mittens as ornaments as well using this pattern (pdf).

Mini Mitten Ornaments 02

These are again knit flat and seamed up the side. They are much quicker than the stockings, and the pattern can easily be memorized so you can whip them out pretty quickly.

I think they are really cute. They make cute ornaments or tied to a package.

Mini Mitten Ornaments 01

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Anna-Marie said...

I'm having a hard time getting to this link.. Google keeps saying its broken.
Its adorable!

Do you know HOW you got there?? Instead of a direct link to the pdf?

L said...

Anna-Marie: Hmmm.. the link seems to be working for me.

Here's the ravelry link:

That's how I got to the pattern. I've searched on and can't find any other way to access it.

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