Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Crafts.

My mom and my sister took on a bunch of projects for the big wedding. They should have bought stock in Michaels and the hot glue factory before they started the planning. Like gluing rhinestones to handclappers for the getaway at the church.

Hand Clappers

All of their hardwork, of course, paid off, and unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everything. Luckily, our cousin, is a photographer who just opened a studio and took the professional pictures so I'm sure he got plenty. (And if you need a photographer for senior picture, babies, weddings, etc in the Des Moines area let me know).

My contribution was for the centerpieces. Back when she first got engaged, I painted a bride and groom modeled after one that I saw on etsy. They were cute, and that gave my mom and sister an idea for centerpieces. So, I got to work and painted 30 pairs. My dad made pedestals, and we created 30 very cute centerpieces for a really reasonable price.

Wedding People 01

The cupcakes were in 5 different flavors and were really really really good.


Cupcake Tower

My pictures from this weekend are all on Flickr. Because there are pictures of lots of people (and people's kids) and I'm not sure they all want to be on the interwebs, I've made them viewable only by my Contacts. If you are on Flickr, please make me your contact and I'll do the same. If you aren't on Flickr, you should consider opening an account - even if you don't plan to store your photos there (though, I think you should because it's a very user-friendly site that allows you to maintain control of the permissions on all of your content), and if you do - please make me your contact.

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