Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had heard of having a photobooth at a wedding, but had never actually seen it in action. My sister's new husband surprised her by renting one for the reception. And it was a ton of fun. If you are planning a wedding or a party and you are debating about whether or not it is worth it, I think I can say definitively that it aboslutely is. Wouldn't it be so fun to host a huge Halloween party and have the Photobooth?

Photobooth 1

The photobooth comes with an attendant and each session came with 2 strips of photos. The guest got to keep one, and the second was put into a scrapbook for the bride and groom. Each strip also had an event password, so you could go online and order extra prints (which I did). There's a shot of my grandpa in a top hat with my grandma in a feather boa that is absolutely priceless.

Photobooth 2

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Emily said...

Ali had a giggle fit today at work about Dad in the top photo with his glasses off and eyes crossed. It sounds like she and Shawn scared some patients.

sarah lou said...

how super fun! my sister went to a wedding recently where they did this. halloween would be a blast, too, you're right!

also, thanks for adding me on flickr, the wedding craftiness looks soooo cute and everyone looks lovely! :)

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