Monday, November 23, 2009

Old Haunts

Yesterday, Rykert and I spent a bit of time in New Orleans at some of our old haunts. We walked around the Tulane campus, which made me feel nostalgic and kinda old. I pointed out my freshman year dorm room in this building.

Josephine Louise Hall - Newcomb

We saw the Newcomb Live Oaks that I used to walk by every day. The pictures don't do them justice.

Newcomb Live Oaks

And then we headed to the French Quarter to have our annual round of beignets.

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

There's something very comforting about the fact that Cafe du Monde always looks, smells, and tastes exactly the same. Along the way we even picked up a few Christmas gifts.

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Meagan said...

Oh you are killing me with these posts!! Thanks for sharing your trip! Tell Aunt Trish hello for me if you see her again!

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