Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free Beer.

We are traveling back to Iowa today, but here's another stop during our Louisiana visit...

A few miles from where each of Rykert's parent's live is the Abita Brewery. A few years ago when we were here visiting, we took the tour, which was casual and fun. The tour started and finished in a room lined in kegs of all of their current beers (and their signature root beer). A few years ago, they expanded and added a really nice visitor's center. The tour starts and ends here with a bar full of a beers and a gift shop surrounded with tables, chairs, and a patio.

We didn't take their standard tour, however. Rykert's dad is the landlord of one of the Senior Brewmasters, so we got a private tour.

Abita 02

These are the vats where the beer is aged.

Abita 04

This is where the malt and hops are added. Rykert listened intently and applied all of his chemistry knowledge...

Abita 08

The last phase was the bottling/ kegging and packaging processes, but I didn't really get any good pictures so you'll have to trust me.

If you are in the New Orleans metropolitan areas (specifically on the North Shore), then I definitely suggest a tour of the brewery. It's free and so are the samples. And you should all look for Abita beer wherever you are...

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