Thursday, November 05, 2009


So the old adage goes, "the cobblers children have no shoes." The same may be said about the knitter's spouse. Well over a year ago, Rykert commented that he needed new slippers. His bare (or flip-flopped) feet were cold in the morning when he took the dog out, fetched the mail, or put the recycling out. I scoffed at buying a new paid, and instead set to work to knit him a pair of felted clogs.

And so using yarn (Lamb's Pride Bulky) I had on hand thanks to a close-out of a knitting store in Des Moines the defunct Village Knit Wit), I knit him a pair of clogs (the classic Fiber Trends pattern). I was working at home at the time, and literally knit them in about 24 hours. And then they sat.


Until finally, I got the energy to felt them.

Rykert's SLippers - post felting

But knowing that he would be hard on them and that come spring they would probably be worn on docks, I wanted to give them suede soles. As luck would have it the yarn store closest to our house had a pair of soles in the right size and the right color in stock. But again, they sat.

Sewing the suede bottoms on was a huge pain. Particularly in the toe region. So they sat for close to a year without soles.

Felted Clog Soles

A few weeks ago I was praising myself for finishing all of these small lingering projects, and he continually cleared his throat and gestured toward his unfinished slippers. When the weather turned cool, he would walk downstairs on a couple of Saturday mornings (the only time we're both home in the a.m.) and make comments about how cold his feet were and how it sure would be nice to have a pair of slippers. He's nothing if not subtle.

At that point I was in full-press costume mode (and wedding projects for my sister). So I did what I do best, and I ignored his pleas. Until one day, I just couldn't take it anymore. So to quite his subtle criticisms, while he was at work, I finished them. It took exactly one episode of The Office and a bit of 30 Rock.

Rykert's Slippers - finished

I can report that he is a happy customer. And the knitter's spouse now has woolen clogs.

Rykert's Slippers - finished 01

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MamaLizKnits said...

I knit these same clogs for Eric last winter but haven't felted or soled them yet. I suppose it's about time to finish his, too.

Rykert's look warm and comfy and like they'll last a good long time.

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