Sunday, November 08, 2009

Basic Hats.

Back in June, I attended the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. My dad and nieces came along, and it was a pretty quick trip. While perusing the vendors, my nieces each picked a skein of hand-dyed yarn.

Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival 2009 01

I told them that they would each get a hat for Christmas. And so I got to work on it last week. I used one of my favorite patterns to make a stretchy basic hat with a ribbed cuff. This is the first.

Anna's Hat 02

I'm hoping it will fit. And there's enough yarn left for either another hat or a pair of basic mittens.

In general, I despise variegated yarn. Actually, I love it in the skein and sitting on a shelf. But as soon as I start knitting with it, I become irritated by the pooling of colors, etc. Luckily, this one turned out ok.

Anna's Hat 01

Tomorrow, its sister.

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