Monday, October 19, 2009

That time of year again...


I love Halloween. Last year, if you were reading this blog, you will remember that I took you on a trip down memory lane and showed you some costumes from my past.

I showed you my early pumpkin carving adventures. A smurf costume. My sister's killer mooo-stash as a magician. And my Girl Scout costume and the merit badge I earned.

I'm not sure if I can pull any more Halloween gems from my parent's picture collection. (But I'll look.) So, this year I'll be chronicling this year's costume making processes. And if I come across a picture of me as a 2 year old with a knife and a pumpkin or anything else of interest, I'll definitely let you know.


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Knittripps said...

Looking forward to seeing this year's Halloween pics!

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