Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photographic Evidence.

I alluded in a post last week that I had actually been knitting, and now I have some proof. I knit three hats during the months of September (in between other crafty endeavors for Halloween and my sister's wedding).

I was still loving my Scraptastic Hats, and I still have lots of oddballs of yarn to use up. So I next tackled the partial balls of Noro that I had on hand. There's something utterly satisfying to me about knitting with Noro yarn. True I knit so tight that it often breaks. And true it's not the softest of yarns. But the color changes provide incredible satisfaction. As a result, when I finish a project with Noro, I can't bear to toss the little extras.

I used the Noro oddballs as the garter brim and then random wools for the tops. There will be more in my future.

Noro Scrap Hats 01

This was the first, and remains my favorite.

Black Noro Hat 01

Remember what I was saying about the color changes in Noro?

Black Noro Hat 02

Brim: Noro Kureyon #154
Top: Cascade 220

The yarn was leftover from a scarf I knit for my sister last Christmas.

This one was next:

Gray Noro Hat 03

Brim: Noro Silk Garden #241 (I think?)
Top: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted

And then finally, there was this. This is my least favorite. First, I'm not really a neutral colorway kind of girl. But secondly, I was concerned that I was going to run out of the brown wool, so I started decreasing too early resulting in a shallow hat.

Brown Noro Hat 02

Brim: Noro Kureyon #149
Top: Paton's Classic Wool

The yarn was leftover from a scarf I made my dad last Christmas.

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Meagan said...

strangely looking at those now I am filled with jealousy... I have one little strip of yellow yarn making up my first hat - I want mine to look like that!!! All I know is when I am on bedrest for 3 days I am pulling up all sorts of youtube videos to conquer this knitting thing. You are awesome! And thanks for your sweet comment tonight on fb. We are excited but trying not to get too ahead of ourselves. still have quite the process. But thank you for the thoughts and prayers :) Now just pray that I can learn to knit. ha.

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