Friday, October 23, 2009

Part III: Wonder Woman Costume

When it comes to costumes, I have a couple of guidelines. First, you have to commit. If you want to pull a costume off, you have to own it. You can't sit uncomfortably in the corner. Go for it, or stay home. And second, when putting a costume together, it's really the details and accessories that make it work. Which is why I spent a couple days of my life making and sewing patches for a Girl Scout costume.

That being said, I knew that the Wonder Woman acoutrement: the belt, lasso, cuffs, crown, and big red earrings were incredibly important for achieving the overall look.

The crown actually proved to be the easiest thing to make.

Wonder Woman Crown 02

I drew the pattern on paper, traced it on to heavyweight interfacing, and then traced twice on the gold pvc. I cut one piece of the gold a bit larger than the pattern and one piece a bit smaller. I then hot glued the bigger piece pulling it taut. I then glued a piece of elastic to each side (to easily hide under my hair) and then placed the smaller piece of gold on top and glued down. The back side's a bit of a mess, but I think it looks nice from the front. Finally, I hot-glued a red star to the front.

Wonder Woman Crown 01

The belt was a bit trickier, because I had to determine the appropriate width and length. After much trial and error, I found the right size, and cut the pieces similar to the crown, and hot glued it in place.

Wonder Woman Belt

I can assure you that it looks better on than it does on its own. The back closes with sewn on velcro. I would have liked to top stitch around the entire thing, but I was getting fed up with sewing that pvc at this point, so I just let it go...

I also attached a small piece with a snap for the lasso.

Wonder Woman Belt - Lasso Loop

Rykert assisted with the snap instalation which gave me all sorts of trouble. But ultimately, I started with the wrong type of snaps, and I'm very happy with the end result. The Lasso of Truth is home dec trim from the craft store.

For some reason, the cuffs also gave me fits. After multiple attempts and failures, I settled on these. I used two pieces of pvc and a mid-weight interfacing. I then sewed and turned them inside out and added a velcro closure. The red star was added last.

Wonder Woman Cuffs

They are far from perfect, and I may still re-do them. But when they are worn, they look acceptable.

For the earrings, I used plastic buttons glued to earring posts. Easy peasy.

Wonder Woman Earrings 02

Wonder Woman Earrings 01

From the Wonder Woman mythology...
The creator of Wonder woman, William Moulton Marston was actually a scientist who conducted research related to systolic blood pressure that was a precursor to the polygraph/ lie detector. This was the impetus for the Lasso of Truth. Go ahead and share that little tidbit at your next cocktail party.
The cuffs, in the comic books, were formed from the remnants of Zeus' shield, and deflect anything, including, at times, atomic weapons.
Not pictured here, of course, is the Invisible Airplane. I'll take my picture in front of it soon.

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Anonymous said...

what material did you use to make the "insides" of the belt?

Libby said...

The "inside" is made from heavy weight interfacing. I cut the interfacing the appropriate size and then glued the gold fabric in place. It looks puckered, but evens out when worn.

Anonymous said...

what is the gold material you used?

K. D. Rial said...

What kind of PVC are you using?

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