Thursday, October 22, 2009

Part II: Wonder Woman Costume

With the bodice constructed, it was time to move to the bottoms.

I'm pretty sure from the pictures that the original Lynda Carter bottoms were satin. The Mannequin Project affirmed that.

I could not find anything close to that shape to use as a pattern, and I definitely don't have the skills to start from scratch. So I had to use something pre-made. Luckily, cheerleader/ dance bottoms are generally the right shape and cost effective. (As an aside, I had a pair of royal blue cheerleading briefs when I was in high school, they had a Bluejay embroidered on one cheek. If I dug deep enough at my parent's, I might be able to find them shoved in a bag with my pompoms.)

I chose this pair in a metallic-ish fabric.

Wonder Woman Pants

I used premade embroidered stars and got to work. I put the knickers on and then stood in front of a mirror and pinned the stars on. I then went back and sewed each on by hand. To save time (and money), I only put the stars on the front believing that the back will be hidden by the cape (to come). My only tip here is to make sure you sew these on loosely to allow for the stretch.

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