Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm back.

I got back in town last night. The house was still standing and Nola was very excited to see me and greeted me with her signature figure 8s between my legs and constant requests for attention. That's a good thing. Because as Rykert says, there's nothing worse for the ego than to return home after a few days to an aloof dog. On my way into town, I met Rykert at The Vine to watch the end of The Saints game, and a victory no less.

We had a great time in New Orleans. Lots of good food, some shopping, a couple of familiar faces, a little bit of debauchery, and a lot of laughs. After living in New Orleans for 4 years and visiting a few times every year since, it really does feel like a second home - sort of.

Bachelorette Party on Bourbon Street

Looking for Jets

But now that I'm back to reality, I'm exhausted so it will probably take me a few days to recover. But there are still Halloween costumes to discuss, and get this: I actually did some knitting on the travels to and from. Though I did resist the temptation that is The Quarter Stitch. I don't think I'll be as strong when we are back down there next month.

Hopefully, by next weekend things will be back in order around here. But then again, it's a big football weekend around here next weekend with Homecoming in Iowa City and the Hawks being undefeated. And it's a night game nonetheless.

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