Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009: Gypsy/ Fortune Teller

Anna's choice for a costume was a gypsy*. I believe it was the hoop earrings that sold her (what, with her recently pierced ears). Once she arrived at this choice, I made a sketch.

Gypsy costume idea

At the fabric store we found a pattern for a similar costume, and I used that to make the dress out of a blue-green costume satin. Honestly, it looks a bit like a muu-muu without the belt.

Gypsy Pattern

A scrap of red satin was used for the headwrap, some gold bangles, and a lovely belly dancing scarf purchased in the New Orleans French Market pulls it all together. Of course, 8 year olds don't do that well with hoop earrings, so she settled for a pair of costume clip-on pirate earrings.

Gypsy 03

At some point during the costume construction, she decided that it was not a gypsy at all, but was in fact a Fortune Teller. Luckily, they wear the same clothes.

Fortune Teller 02

Again, it's hard to get her to stand still. So hopefully this weekend, I can get a full picture.

Greek Goddess and Gypsy 02

*I'm not sure if "gypsy" is a PC term these days or is considered derogatory. At any rate, we'll just stick with fortune teller.

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margie said...

I've been reading your blog on and off for a few years, and rarely comment (guess I'm shy!) But your recent posts with all your beautiful costumes, you have made me wish that I knew how to sew! I'd love to make things like that for my kids!

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